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Shoprite, Arusha
by Kilimanjaro Review     March 26, 2012    
(Updated: September 25, 2012)
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Shoprite, Probably the Most Comprehensive Grocery Shop in Arusha

Following several recent visits, we are bound to update our review for this shop.

Sadly, when compared to more accessible, cleaner alternatives, where management encourage more welcoming attitudes, we must report the following concerns:

- credit card payments are slow
- poor rate of exchange when paying in Dollars
- suspicious, reactionary and belligerant (rather than politely enquiring) attitude of management towards people working on their iPhones / iPads while their spouses simultaneously spend the earned money in the shop
- very dirty packaging on products. Shoprite leaves their warehouse-size doors open throughout working hours. A high throughput of traffic on the extremely congested street just metres away, blows a lot of dust into the shop which settles on packaging. Shopright should have doors that open and close to admit customers.
- a rat was seen scurrying along the floor, from west to east (towards where the shopping trolleys are parked just left of the turnstile), around 15 metres south of the entrance. Again, Shoprite should concentrate on sealing their building from dust and animals.
- the biggest turn-off with Shoprite now is that even if using the River Road bypass and avoiding all the congestion along the Sokoine Road, it requires around 10 minutes sitting in almost stationary traffic to reach Shoprite's entrance. If Shoprite were motivated to keep and attract customers, they would easily have leverage to approach the highways department and request around a dozen streetlamps to be moved farther from the road, open drains to be covered, and two additional lanes to be opened. This would be of huge benefit to Arusha residents and would release the build-up of traffic at this bottle-neck, and would, of course, allow much more fluid access to this otherwise excellent shopping complex. Until this happens, however, we expect to see an Exodus of discerning businesses away from this complex towards Njiro.

Their Value for Money rating is lower than otherwise, because they import some products - somewhat unnecessarily - from South Africa that can be obtained locally at much lower cost, with little of no compromise to quality. For example, they sell framed mirrors for around 55,000 TSh when a similar grade and size are available along Sokoine Road for under 20,000 TSh.

Generally speaking, Pick n Pay and Village Supermarket in Njiro are nowadays far better choices, in our view, with better attitudes of management, smaller queues, better cleanliness, more competitive pricing and a great deal less sitting in traffic being required to reach the place.

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