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MMT Pharmaceuticals LTD
by Kilimanjaro Review     September 04, 2012    
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While conducting medical clinics in East Africa on behalf of an Americanbased non-profit organization, we went to this pharmacy to purchase medications. The shop itself is small and run down. They do not accept credit cards and do not have a modern booking system. We purchased a sizable amount of drugs and were told to come the next morning to pick up our medications. When we opened up the package at our clinic site, it came to our attention that SEVERAL parts of the order were missing. Worse, our Tanzanian staff told us that MMT Pharmacy charged us nearly DOUBLE the market price on many of the medications we bought. They did this knowing full well that we were a non-profit organization that we would distribute these drugs for free to local citizens. Talk about unethical. We went back to the pharmacy demanding a refund; they gave us some money back and a whole lot of excuses. I would advise any travelers or foreign NGOs to avoid this place- it is simply not worth the hassle.

At the recommendation of one of our local doctors, we went to the nearby Abacus Pharmacy, which sold us the medication for literally half the price of MMT. Abacus also had a much more modern shop and the kind of automated invoice system you’d expect from a pharmacy. They even offered to deliver the drugs and ultimately really took care of us. I’d recommend them 100%!

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Written by Super User
July 24, 2014
Thank you for this helpful feedback. Can you please advise readers where Abacus Pharmacy is located? And are you able to kindly advise typical prices for common medications?

Many thanks.
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